My slimming secret

The golden rules

These are 10 little rules that are easy to apply every day, to set up a balanced and varied diet without frustration:

  1. Make liberal use of aromatic herbs and spices Ė they add flavour to your dishes and help you to forget about fats!
  2. Cook your meat, fish and vegetables in greaseproof paper or aluminium foil. This limits the addition of fat without making the food dry and chewy. Food cooked in steam produce lots of liquid.
  3. Replace sugar with vanilla, cinnamon or orange blossom.
  4. If you go out to a pizzeria, choose a simple pizza (tomato, ham or mushroom) rather than the ę four cheeses Ľ. Vegetables (aubergines, courgettes) and pasta are good too but avoid the carbonara sauce!
  5. In a Japanese restaurant, choose a sashimis menu, even with a bowl of rice (donít finish it if itís compacted). That will be 80 calories less than 6 salmon sushis!
  6. For a starter, forget about the peanuts and meat cubes. Tuck in to the seasoned vegetables with a light cheese sauce or chicken skewers.
  7. During a diet, stick to the slimming and stabilisation phases for a lasting result. That way, you avoid the yoyo effect!
  8. Cut out all unnecessary food items to enable your body to use up its fat reserves.
  9. Use whole-grain bread (or cereals) rather than white bread (with a high carbohydrate content). Among the starchy foods, go for wholemeal pasta and rice, lentils or quinoa.
  10. Avoid storing in your cupboards bad foods (biscuits, prepared meals or sour cream). Thatís the best way to remove temptations!

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