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XL-S Duo Slim and Shape

XL-S Duo Slim and Shape
Who for?

Loosing weight, daily fitness exercising can be a time-consuming struggle, XL-S Duo Slim and Shape has been formulated for women who want to loose weight efficiently and shape their body.

The effect

XL-S Duo Slim and Shape is an innovative and tailored slimming aid with a powerful double action slimming and shaping even the most stubborn regions (thighs, buttocks, hips).

XL-S Duo Slim and Shape provides a complete slimming solution as a result of its double action:

1/ SLIMMING : Green tea helps burn fats by increasing energy expenditure, while Rosemary is well-known for helping digestion.

2/ SHAPING : Dandelion helps eliminate excess water, while Grape seeds help to maintain good blood circulation.


Take two tablets a day during breakfast with a glass of water.
Tablets can be broken in half making them easier to swallow.
XL-S Duo Slim and Shape can be retaken during the course of the year.
For optimum results, it is recommended that you eat a varied and balanced meal, with a daily calorie intake of 1500 kcal (women) or 2000 kcal (men), and drink at least 1 litres of water per day.

XL-S Duo Slim and Shape is available in pharmacies.